April 19 2022  |  Seating

Time well spent for TSI Seats

By Jayson Koblun

This is a special feature from PAX Tech's 2022 Seating, IFE & Connectivity issue, on page 10.

TSI Seats organized its first Aircraft Seat and Parts Design and Engineering Competition during the pandemic

Celebrating achievements and focusing on the future can make even the worst of times feel better and Istanbul-based TSI Seats is doing both.

“We very clearly saw our innovative spirit during the pandemic,” Suat Sağıroğlu, General Manager at TSI Seats, tells PAX Tech.

Last Autumn, the company’s Royalux seat received the best design award in the Aircraft Seat category at Design Et Al’s International Yacht & Aviation Awards. Designed for narrow-body Business Class and wide-body Premium Economy Class cabins, TSI Seats created the first drawings of the Royalux long before the pandemic. But the unexpected circumstances did not halt production for long.

According to Johns Hopkins University of Medicine at the time of publication, Turkey has administered 147 million vaccines doses. There are approximately 53 million people fully vaccinated, or 64 percent of the population.

Suat Sağıroğlu, General Manager, TSI Seats

“Our first priority at the start of the pandemic was, of course, the health of our employees. We followed the guidelines, updated our work environment, and then used that period to rediscover our strengths in research and development, engineering new products, and production,” says Sağıroğlu.

The company brought the Royalux to life during the pandemic, even while many employees were working remotely. The Royalux underwent many levels of technology integration and full scale mock up testing for comfort and ergonomics. The final product offers extra privacy to passengers with an unobtrusive divider between the headrests that helps maintain living space for passengers.

TSI Seats used the pandemic to rediscover its strengths in research and development

Sağıroğlu credits the success of the seat to the company’s relentless research and development team. It tracked industry predictions and experts to determine what airlines were demanding in Business and Premium Class seats to enhance the post-pandemic passenger experience.

“When we started production again, we not only created a more efficient system but also ensured that our new product ideas and designs were formed on a solid foundation backed by industry experts,” he explains. “I can say that these predictions, which we produced at the beginning of the pandemic, were very beneficial for us.”

And earlier in the pandemic TSI organized its first Aircraft Seat and Parts Design and Engineering Competition. Open for participation to university students of the 2019 to 2020 academic year, the competition aimed to introduce students to the aviation industry and to promote and encourage the design culture in Turkey. The winning seat, designed by Mechanical Engineering Student Bazar Tuvakov was awarded for its focus on safety, comfort, weight and over potential of the technology.

“In this competition, we focused on the purest form of industrial research, evaluated the innovative ideas developed by university students on aircraft seating, and had the chance to learn first-hand about their vision for the future,” says Sağıroğlu. “Together with their fresh minds, we rewarded the ideas that we found strong and sustainable and that we believe will guide the aviation industry.”

After some reflection on these achievements, Sağıroğlu tells PAX Tech lightweight seating and interiors products are where the industry is headed as airlines try to produce lighter aircraft and reduce fuel costs. He says TSI’s new Economy Class seat Miligram will be “one of the lightest in the market.”

“With our patent-pending unprecedented USB solution and tray table design, the sector will forget all the ordinary seat solutions. From the airlines' perspective, you can decrease your spare part expenditures thanks to ultra-durable carbon-fiber parts,” he says.

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