September 9 2021  |  Seating

Geven and PriestmanGoode in their element

By Rick Lundstrom

This is a special feature from PAX Tech’s September 2021 AIX Virtual digital edition, on page 50.

The colors of the Italian coast are part of Elemento’s new design

The name of Geven’s new Economy Class seat has been part of the Naples-based company’s lineup for several years, but its latest collaboration with a well-known UK based design house is visibly changing the characteristics and providing an enticing prelude to the next steps up in aircraft class and design.

Geven unveiled the latest iteration of the Elemento in early August. In its design, Geven states that it is seeking to bring functionality of its modular construction in line with a seat that can stand the test of time in elegance and stay true to Italy’s reputation for craftsmanship and design. The company did not have to look far to create a color palette seeking to incorporate the look of the Italian coastline at sunset with a combination of light gray, deep blue with accents of red.

The company wasn’t alone in the development and will continue to work side by side with PriestmanGoode on the look of a new Premium Economy and Business Class seat that will next year join Geven’s offering of products.

Stowage space and accommodation for PED’s are part of the construction of Elemento

“Our partnership is the perfect combination of the technical knowhow and engineering expertise of Geven with PriestmanGoode’s design skills and understanding of passenger behavior,” Daniel Macinnes, Design Director at PriestmanGoode tells PAX Tech. “The result is a new series of aircraft seats that are very much people-centric with a host of new passenger benefits, and importantly, highly customizable by airlines and adaptable to many aircraft types.”

In addition to the standard products that airlines around the world are seeking, Geven and PriestmanGoode found room in the tight Economy Class real estate for a number of unique features. The Elemento can be outfitted with headrests along with integrated table lighting. The seats are made with a company patented “wave system” designed for comfort. There was also design improvements in the form of a cocktail table and larger passenger stowage compartment.

Geven picked PriestmanGoode through a standard tender process. Candidates were asked to provide creations that that embody the company’s new image that can be found on its website and logo. PriestmanGoode had worked with the company on projects in the past. The challenge the company laid down was for the designers to infuse Geven’s Italian identity and heritage of fashion-savvy creativity and top-notch craftsmanship, devoted to the care for detail, whilst expressing the high standards of technological innovation which we were determined to build into these new products.

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