August 6 2021  |  Seating

Video Clip: Geven debuts new Economy Class seat

By Rick Lundstrom

Geven and PriestmanGoode today unveiled the Elemento Economy Class seat: the first model of the Next Generation family line.

Elemento is part of the partnership's project to create an full line of next-generation seats, focused on innovative features that deliver enhanced passenger comfort and benefits, while allowing for maximum airline customization and easy configuration into different aircraft types.

The Elemento Economy Class seat has a number of features aimed at increasing passenger experience and comfort. Geven’s modular design was done to make installation easier and integration of the most varied latest generation monitors and PED holders as well as ease of integration into both wide - and narrow-body aircraft.

Features of the Elemento seat include:

● Adjustable privacy headrest, to give passengers extra head support and comfort

● Integrated table lighting, providing passengers with discreet individual lighting

● Bespoke woven dress covers featuring a pattern inspired by the Geven ‘V’, with the addition of airline personalized trim and finish

● Enhanced comfort solutions (patented wave system) for an unforgettable flight experience in maximum comfort

● Adjustable PED Holders, designed to accommodate all possible variants of Personal Electronic Devices carried on board by passengers

● A cocktail table

● Large passenger stowage compartments

● Quick installation fitting for ease of maintenance operations when needed.

The color palette was inspired by the Geven was modeled after the Italian coastline at sunset with light grey seats, deep blue headrests and seat frames with red accents.

"This combination gives a fresh and clean visual chromatic experience with bursts of warmth. Bright whites have been used to highlight key features of the seats," said release from Geven.

Also part of the Elemento design are technical materials, like mesh to keep the interiors contemporary and nod to Italy’s heritage of designing high performance vehicles. The natural metal finishes were chosen to offer a more environmentally conscious approach, as well as reflect Geven’s mission to deliver honest, hardworking, exquisitely crafted products.

“We started this project with the aim to create the next generation passenger experience,” said Pasquale Rapullini, Research and Development Manager at Geven, in today’s announcement.

Daniel MacInnes, Design Director at PriestmanGoode added: “Geven’s knowledge and passion for pushing the development of the seat allowed us to integrate higher levels of quality and finishes and will enable them to become the new class leaders with this family of next-gen seats. We developed bespoke materials and finishes, and a new style direction, based on clean integrated lines.”

The Geven Premium, Premium + and Business Class seats will be unveiled later this year.

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