July 30 2021  |  Seating

Geven delivers seating to S7 Airlines

By Rick Lundstrom

Geven's Comoda seat on S7 Airlines

Geven Aircraft Seats and Interiors announced this week the delivery of the first ship set of Essenza and Comoda seats for S7 Airlines’ Economy Class and Business Class cabins on A320neo.

The delivery is part of a larger partnership with S7 Airlines, which is based in Russia. Started in 2017 with a retrofit program, Geven has provided Economy Class seats Piuma EVO and Business Class seats Comoda for the airline’s A321s.

In 2019 S7 ordered 16 line-fit ship sets for the A320 and A321. Approximately 3,000 Essenza and 130 Comoda seats were part of the agreement.

“S7 Airlines has been an ambitious client since the very beginning and we are proud to be their seats provider once again, said Alberto Veneruso, Managing Director at Geven in the announcement of the deliveries. “Grateful for S7 Airlines' trust, we look forward to strengthen our collaboration in the future and provide innovative seats solutions which will enhance comfort onboard”.

“Working together with S7 Airlines’ team on the first line-fit project has been a fantastic opportunity for Geven. The result of their cooperative, enthusiastic and professional contribution to this project will be significant for future collaboration opportunities,” continues Giovanni Vitiello, Head of Program Management at Geven.

The Economy Class of the A320 neo has been equipped with Essenza. Geven’s ergonomic shaped-seat has a reclining backrest up to five inches. The Essenza has an in-seat power system (USB & ACOU outlets) by Astronics, and features a four-way headrest, in-arm table with integrated device holder, coat hook, and literature and amenity pocket.

The seat has an upper literature pocket with integrated device holder. The bottom cushion is made by Greiner in grey and black with a green strip on the backrest cover for S7 Airlines A320neo. Aircraft’s Premium Economy Class has eight Comoda seats. Comoda is a passenger-centric comfort seat with an 8-inch composite backrest.

The leather central console design features a soft touch 8.5-inch armcap. In addition, the central console integrates amenity pocket. The adjustable four-way headrest features differential friction on headrest wings for easy adjustment and proper head support. The Business Class seat of Geven’s family line also features lateral soft touch 2.8-inch end bay with in-arm table integrating device holder. The integrated in-seat power system (USB & ACOU outlets) by Astronics allows comfortable charging of personal device on board.

Each seat is equipped with lower literature pocket. The generously dimensioned In-Arm Table is in double-leaf configuration. Black and purple customized designed cushions characterize Business Class cabin of S7 Airlines.

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