June 9 2021  |  Seating

Geven launches new logo

By Rick Lundstrom

Aircraft seat maker Geven today announced the launch of its new brand Identity, “which reflects he significant strength and vitality of Geven's evolution and growth over the past many decades of activities.”

The logo incorporates the old logo: its traditional dark blue with a vibrant neon blue centered on the restyled skyward reaching 'V'. The redesigned website will be online by the end of July.

“An engaging shorthand that will represent Geven's point of view when communicating with the outside world,” said a release from the company.

“This new, young, vibrant look is part of the company's strategy which will support us when communicating our significant evolution as we reach out and engage much more actively with the airline companies and OEM’s,” said Daniela Spinelli, Marketing and Communication Manager at Geven.

“We trust that our new payoff ‘Fly around the world, tailor-made in Italy,’ will provide us with a more consistent and far reaching brand identity which will contribute to determine a new way of customer engagement with us in the future,” she added.

"We have reached five continents, 130 airlines and we have delivered exceptional passenger comfort all around the world. We are a famous global brand with a lot to say to the world. Our Blue, Vibrant V, will represent our Iconic way of doing it, says Alberto Veneruso, Managing Director at Geven.

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