June 3 2021  |  Seating

Collins provides PSUs for A320 Family Airspace

By Rick Lundstrom

Collins Aerospace has been selected by Airbus to supply upgraded passenger service units (PSU) for the delivery of the new A320 Family Airspace cabin.

The advanced architecture new design fits seamlessly within the new Airspace cabin, supporting a consistent passenger experience across the family of aircraft.

The advanced composite materials of the Collins PSU provide the strength and durability needed to handle each passenger touchpoint. It has reading lights, air outlet valves and call attendant lights. The modular design is easily adjustable for a variety of seat pitches, enabling simple installation and removal.

“Years of collaboration and detailed customization have produced a passenger service unit that delivers weight savings, superior performance and a clean design that fits seamlessly within the new A320 Family Airspace cabin,” said Wolfram Schoettler, managing director at Collins Aerospace, in today’s announcement. “The Collins PSU gives passengers an enhanced flight experience and airlines the flexibility to integrate elegantly with various aircraft configurations and all PSU supply channels.”

Collins has supplied PSUs for the A320 family of aircraft for more than two decades. The company works with Airbus to explore future developments and to improve the already outstanding performance of the new passenger service units.

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