April 7 2021  |  Seating

​Lightweight HAECO seat gets TSO certification

By Rick Lundstrom

HAECO Cabin Solutions has successfully obtained Federal Aviation Administration Technical Standard Order (TSO) certification for the Vector Light, the newest member of its Vector seating line.

“Vector Light, with a weight of 7.9 kilograms per passenger for a fully equipped seat, has achieved significant weight savings, best-in-class passenger comfort and low cost-of-ownership without compromising on the quality and reliability, which define our Vector seating line,” said Doug Rasmussen, President and Group Director of HAECO Cabin Solutions, in today’s announcement.

Using a patent-pending primary structure of advanced materials, such as titanium and flexible slotted body-contouring carbon fiber, the Vector Light is designed to maximize available cabin space and enhances passenger comfort through an ergonomic approach that maximizes living space at a narrow pitch.

The Vector Light catalog has a range of selectable options for enhanced passenger convenience, as well as offering airlines choice with two dedicated versions: recliner seat, or fixed-recline seat.

“HAECO has further built on our reputation for delivering high-quality products that maximize comfort and exceed reliability standards,” added Rasmussen. “We expect to begin delivering Vector Light to customers in Q4 2021.”

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