February 8 2021  |  Seating

How JAMCO Corporation's Venture Pristine makes cleaning easier

By Jane Hobson

JAMCO Corporation has launched the newest Venture Pristine Business Class seat. The seat was designed with the new era of enhanced cleanliness in place to ensure peace-of-mind for passengers and crew.

The solution incorporates the latest antimicrobial and antiviral material solutions, and the trim and finish help maximize cleanliness both inflight and sanitizing after use.

The Venture seat embodies a seamless design approach. A full radius, seamless integrated trim and a seamless capacitive interface for the seat controls create fewer split lines and gaps. By minimizing split lines and eliminating hard-to-clean gaps and crevices from the back shell and seat controls, the Venture seat is cleaner from the start, and remains easy to clean throughout its lifetime. In addition, Venture includes efficiencies from augmented reality training that supports remote contactless training eliminating the need for face to face interaction, to a lightweight design with fewer parts that reduce operational costs.

The innovative Venture Pristine takes cleanliness a step further by incorporating high-cleanliness finishes on all surfaces of the product; a variety of modern, hygienic materials and coatings which inhibit the growth of pathogens on all surfaces. High-touch areas incorporate materials that are both a poor environment for pathogens and nearly chemical-proof, allowing for the use of strong and effective cleaning supplies. Low-touch areas, which tend to be cleaned less regularly, incorporate paint impregnated with antimicrobial properties to reduce the surface lifespan of pathogens and maintain sanitary conditions between cleanings.

"With these clean selectable finish options, the Venture Pristine seat is the next generation of clean seat technology for commercial aircraft," reads the JAMCO press release.

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