March 16 2020  |  Seating

AIRE refreshes Wamos Air A330 seats

By Jane Hobson

Aircraft Interior Refurbishment España (AIRE), cabin interiors engineer, production and maintenance services provider, has announced a collaboration with Wamos Air to modify and refurbish Stelia Aerospace seats for two upcoming A330s.

The project has been awarded to AIRE by the successful collaboration between the companies in 2018 when it refurbished 747 First Class seats. AIRE developed a customized solution with the implementation of a new high-performance cushion and a soft leather, based on the feedback of First Class flyers and cabin design experts.

AIRE has been involved in a larger cabin modernization project that Wamos Air undertook to provide a unique and high-class service for its Business Class passengers on two A330s which are joining the Spanish operator’s fleet in 2020.

The modification required several stakeholders which took care of different aspects of the project, with the same proactive approach according to a master phasing plan agreed to during the Initial Technical Coordination Meeting. All the project milestones achieved have been endorsed by an STC carried on by the Airbus Interiors Services team to certify the final configuration required by the airline.

At the first stage of the project, Wamos Air defined a Business Class layout to accommodate the seat with 44-inch pitch: the requirement brought a necessary modification of the seat plinth and center front row monument, carried on by the AIRE Part 145 team. Stelia Aerospace seats have been submitted to the cutting of a part of the composite monument coming in the original structure, replacing it with a décor plate, and removing the front seals and seal brackets from the center front row monument. All of this work is been done to fit the requested A330 Business Class layout. The entire structure modification was taken under instruction from Stelia Aerospace, seat OEM and Part21J in charge of seat structure change approval.

AIRE Part 145 team, with support of Airline Services Interiors as Part21J providing the engineering order and relevant approval, implemented the replacement of the IFE system from Panasonic to new Safran RAVE IFE.

Beside the Part 145 support on structure and IFE modifications, the AIRE team took care of the complete seat restoration and refurbishment, painting them according to the trim and finish set by Wamos Air on its cabins, and, as part of 21G company, manufactured a fully leather seat cover with diamond geometry to match the design of the operator fleet.

AIRE Airworthiness and Design Office, an EASA approved Part 21J company, undertook the relevant Service Bulletin to certify seat painting and installation of new covers, closing the loop by touching on all three areas that AIRE specializes in.

All work was done at AIRE facilities in Madrid, saving time and avoiding material exchange, in compliance with the commitment of full cabin support.

“This project is a step ahead to solidify even more the successful relation between the companies, which have been sharing a long way together through last years,” said Javier Camara, AIRE Production Manager. “Furthermore, this project gave us the opportunity to put in place all our capabilities as a design, production and maintenance organization for cabin interiors requirements,” he added.

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