December 5 2019  |  Seating

New Territory unveils Interspace Comfort seat

By Sabrina Pirillo

Universal Moment's Interspace Comfort System features foldable wings for passenger comfort and preference

London-based creative firm New Territory revealed details about a new seating project at Shoreditch Studios in London today during the Aircraft Cabin Innovation Summit. Universal Movement, a new company by New Territory, is launching the Interspace Comfort System. The project is a fresh take on traditional airline seating that aims to increase passenger comfort using a patented wing support system, regardless of cabin class.

Interspace features two easily-deployable padded wings that fold out from the seatback so passengers can rotate and lean on a cushioned surface. Passengers also have the option of deploying one wing on either side of adjacent seats, creating a privacy for families and groups.

According to today’s press release from the company, New Territory “observed that while comfort onboard tends to be equated to seat pitch, in reality very few people would ever choose to sit upright with their feet stretched out for any length of time – especially on a long-haul flight.” Instead, passengers want to rotate and redistribute weight within the seat, which is why they often lean against the window using makeshift pillows, the release continued.

The wings are designed with “living hinges.” They fold into the upholstery so passengers can move to and from their seat easily. The hinges are connected at the back of the seat making the wings strong enough to handle pressure from leaning on them. Wings can be deployed one at time to account for passenger sleeping preference and body shape.

The announcement also explained how carriers can brand the inside of the wings – which can be removed and washed when necessary. Carriers can also embed technology like speakers to create an immersive passenger experience, while seatback facial recognition technology options are being explored for future product lines.

New Territory has partnered with SWS to make the design fully certifiable so carriers can quickly retrofit an entire premium cabin.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Universal Movement to provide the certification package,” said Nigel Smith, Managing Director of SWS. “It’s rare that such simple, innovative solutions can be so easily implemented in areas of the aircraft that are traditionally hard to evolve and improve.”

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