June 11 2019  |  Seating

Mango Airlines continues with Acro seating

By Rick Lundstrom

Acro's Series 3 on Mango Airlines

Mango Airlines, the Johannesburg based low-cost carrier, has once again selected Acro’s Series 3 Ultra Economy Class seat for two 737-800 aircraft.

Acro has a longstanding relationship with the airline and has delivered 14 shipsets in total since Mango first selected the seat in 2014.

“By selecting Series 3 Ultra once again, we are delighted that Mango has continued to recognise the qualities of this classic Acro product,” said Alan McInnes, Senior Vice President of Sales, in today’s announcement. “The seat meets the heavy demands of the hardworking low-cost carrier fleet as it delivers unrivalled reliability and cost of ownership. Passenger comfort is maximized with the reclining seat back and unique space-saving design which unlocks two inches more legroom than conventional seats.”

Mango operates a fleet of 737 aircraft on domestic routes to major cities including Cape Town, Durban, George, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth and regional flights between Johannesburg and Zanzibar.

“Our collaboration with Acro is a good fit as Mango constantly challenges itself to push the envelope beyond the boundaries of convention; continually developing new products and technologies with a continual focus on service excellence,” said Benediction Zubane, Head of Marketing at Mango Airlines. “The Series 3 Ultra seat embodies innovation and enables us to offer a class-leading seating product to our customers.”

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