May 21 2019  |  Seating

Collins Aerospace announces launch of next-gen Evolution seat

By PAX International

Collins Aerospace will launch its next-generation Evolution™ seat at this year’s European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE), running May 21 to 23 in Geneva, Switzerland. The Evolution seat combines commercial First Class seating with executive aircraft seating and builds upon the success of its first generation by increasing space and comfort, according to a statement from the company.

A unique, continuous recline design allows the new Evolution to be installed close to bulkheads. The seat also features a compact pedestal base and extended leg rest, and it operates on a proprietary triple-roller system for a smooth transition between seat positions.

The seat also adjusts immediately to the proper takeoff and landing positions thanks to "one-touch control", and also provides a “zero gravity” recline position to reduce pressure points during flight. The seat's patented headrest sits flat against the backrest when in fully-flat position.

Ian Webb, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Seating at Collins Aerospace, commented on site at EBACE: “Evolution is unmatched in its ability to scale from a Business Class seat to a super First Class seat. This foundation coupled with ease of maintenance and reliability testing makes for one of the highest quality business jet seats on the market.”

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