March 26 2019  |  Seating

Lantal to blend form and function at AIX

By Rick Lundstrom

Lantal's TEC-Leather in gray, an increasingly popular color in aircraft interiors

As a supplier of aircraft seating fabrics, Lantal has kept its finger on the pulse of some of the most important trends in aesthetics and design, bringing the look of micropatterns and 3D optics to aircraft seating.

But for all of its efforts to bring sleek automotive design and residential looks to airline fabrics, the Swiss company is also aware that there are practical concerns driving seat development.

“Never before have airlines transported more people than in recent years – last year alone more than 4 billion passengers,” Ermira Fetahu, who works in Brand Communication for Lantal, told PAX International. “This enormous growth in passenger numbers also increases the need for hygienic interiors as well as simple and quick maintenance of aircraft cabins.”

To respond to these needs, Lantal will be showing visitors to this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo its year-old TEC-Leather material that is designed to be resistant to stains, oils, body fluids and alcohol.

Lantal has developed in TEC-Leather a product that has a leather-type look and is also non-cytotoxic (toxic to living cells) and resistant to fungal growth.

Lantal will also be showing its newest lightweight carpet at its stand in Hamburg. The newest model comes it at 1 kilogram per square meter.

Finally, there is the company's Trendletter, which details Lantal’s efforts to follow the influences of art, design and lifestyle on the look of aviation interiors. To tap into the knowledge of Lantal's staff and learn the meanings of design elements such as Genuine Matter, Transcendent Reality and Fairytale, visit the company at stand 6E70, and see the cover of the March/April 2019 issue of PAX Tech for your first look at TEC-Leather.

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