December 17 2018  |  Seating

Safran Skylounge Core seat wins French design award

By Rick Lundstrom

The Skylounge Core by Safran

The jury at the Institut Français du Design has unanimously awarded its Janus Label of Excellence to Safran’s Skylounge Core seat for Business Class.

The seat, to be marketed in 2019, met all five of the “E” criteria for the label: Economical, Esthetic, Ergonomic, Ethical, and Emotional.

Skylounge Core is optimized for use on the A330 and 787. The seat measures 20 inches across and has a flat bed surface. The streamlined controls are ergonomic, so the seat is easier to use. Plus, there are storage compartments and a versatile space for dining, working or leisure. With the new seat, airlines can offer multiple opportunities for customization, and wide array of options for fully conveying image and identity.

Safran Seats developed new production processes for the composite materials that comprise the shell of the seat. Production has improved quality, maturity and speed, thanks in particular to the significant number of parts that are shared among versions.

“This award highlights the excellence of the engineering teams at Safran Seats and is a strong reflection of our capacity for innovation on behalf of our customers and the passenger experience,” said Says Safran Seats CEO Vincent Mascré.

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