September 25 2018  |  Inflight Entertainment

SkyLights and STELIA partner for in-seat 4D IFE

By Rachel Debling

SkyLights, STELIA Aerospace and InSeat Solutions have banded together to deliver an inflight entertainment solution that combines virtual reality, Business Class seating and in-seat massage for an all-encompassing, premium cinematic experience.

This new product is a combination of SkyLights’ Allosky headset, STELIA Aerospace’s Opal Business Class seat and InSeat Solutions’ interactive massage system for 4D, immersive IFE.

Viewing options include relaxing VR locales, such as a virtual beach, yacht or private jet, paired with an in-seat massage, or blockbuster movies with content-synchronized vibrations, making every moment of action on screen even more thrilling.

"We are excited to be partnering with Skylights and InSeat to introduce a new way to experience our high comfort seats," said Thierry Kanengieser, VP Cabin Interior, STELIA Aerospace. "We are constantly looking for ways to introduce new technologies in ways that truly enhance our passengers’ experience, and an in-seat, fully immersive cinematic experience certainly fulfills that desire. We look forward to inviting you to take a seat in Opal and be transported to a whole new world."

In addition, the solution is a simpler, more cost-effective VR IFE option for airlines: the devices can remain on board when the aircraft is not in use and are made to be cleaned on board by the aircraft's regular cleaning crew. Plus, with dedicated storage on the seat, storing the devices in the restricted space of the galley is unnecessary.

Presented as a line-fit product for Business Class, airlines can still offer their passengers a VR experience by integrating SkyLights entertainment into existing fleets.

David Dicko, SkyLights’ CEO, commented in a statement: “Our goal is to make cinematic VR IFE a mainstay in the IFE ecosystem. Having deployed on over 5,000 flights, launched our premium Allosky headset and established a solid base of content and logistics partners, we are now delighted to be taking another stride towards that goal.”

To test out the new product, visit SkyLight's booth at APEX Expo from September 25 to 27, booth 554.

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