September 7 2023  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

PriestmanGoode and Lantal explore path to net zero

By Alex Preston

PG considered how colours contribute towards well-being and how printed patterns can facilitate wayfinding and accessibility

London-based design agency PriestmanGoode (PG) has revealed further details of its collaboration with its material partner Lantal.

Lantal invited PG to explore the possibilities of their digital Deep Dyeing technologies through a new set of carpet designs for aviation interiors to reduce waste in material manufacture.

Lantal’s Deep Dye Carpet is an innovative and sustainable carpet dyeing process, characterized by faster production and greatly reduced minimum order quantities. Only the required dimensions are produced, in a methodology that’s comparable to 3D printing, or zero waste pattern cutting that’s now widely adopted in the fashion industry.

By using this technology, the carpets produced results in a 40 percent reduction in CO2 emissions, water consumption reduced by 60 percent and waste is reduced by 80percent. Additionally, the weight of the carpet is reduced by 25% compared to conventional two-frame carpets.

The collection includes three designs, in three colourways giving nine options, from the "bold" Maximalist Energy, to designs inspired by Nostalgic Heritage to the ‘more calming’ Earthscape colours. The nine design options are available now as well as the option of fully bespoke solutions, using flexible digital technology.

“It was exciting to be invited to be part of a positive story of future change,” said Maria Kafel-Bentkowska, Head of Colour, Material and Finish at PriestmanGoode, in a September 4 press release. “Change, towards a more sustainable future will only occur through collaborative practice across design and manufacture.

“In a traditional sampling process for aviation clients, a minimum production of five metres of carpet is necessary in order to present a single sample. The new process reduces waste in production dramatically, but no aspect of the traditional process is compromised in any way.”

“Our goal was to develop an iconic yet sustainable aviation carpet collection. It has been an inspiring journey to work with PriestmanGoode. Pushing the design and technology to another level with PG has been an outstanding experience, oftentimes exceeding our expectations. We love the outcome!”, added Luzius Rickenbacher, EVP Aviation Interiors at Lantal.

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