August 3 2022  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

Video Clip: Volkswagen eVTOL being tested in China

By Rick Lundstrom

Transportation between megacities is the mission of the Volkswagen eVTOL in testing

A well-known aircraft interior design company worked with Volkswagen Goup China on the vision for a private eVTOL that will serve the Chinese passengers traveling between megacity clusters.

The first fully working prototype is in testing, with further prototypes under development. London-based tangerine has been working with the Volkswagen design team and Sunward to make sure the fuselage design is aligned with the manufacturing processes and wind tunnel testing.

The style, format, and layout of the eVTOL were heavily influenced by intensive user research with more than 100 high-net-worth individuals across China. The eVTOL has eight fixed upward propellers and two rear forward propulsion propellers. The cabin is located under the wings with an aerodynamic shape ensuring passengers are far away from the propellers. It is equipped with an aerodynamic skate that lifts the vehicle from the ground and supports passenger access to the cabin from the ground.

tangerine is well known for its commercial aircraft design with recent projects including Finnair’s new cabin interiors and lounges in Helsinki and Japan Airlines’ flagship aircraft.

“It’s a privilege to be part of VW China’s first foray into vertical mobility,” says tangerine Director Weiwei He. “It’s truly exciting that this project pushes beyond flashy concept designs to focus on the near delivery of working prototypes that are being tested in the air. The exterior is just a taster of what’s to come and we look forward to showcasing the interior design and total customer experience in the near future.”

A video of the prototype can be found here.

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