October 18 2021  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

Sustainable Aero Lab selects first mentoring group

By Rick Lundstrom

The Sustainable Aero Lab has successfully finished its first-ever season of startup mentoring. The first group was announced today by Hamburg Aviation, one of the founding partners in the Lab.

Here are the sustainable aviation startups that made up the first group:

Airflow is building a hybrid-electric short take-off and landing (STOL) aircraft for middle-mile logistics, responding to the massively growing market in e-commerce. Airflow is not just designing a vehicle, but the entire operating environment. The concept is scalable both in terms of aircraft size, propulsion technology (such as hydrogen), and variants for passenger operations. During its participation in Sustainable Aero Lab, Airflow was able to generate potential 11 customers already, with letters of intent for a revenue of US$600 million.

Mobius.Energy his building a safe, light, and energy-efficient battery with discharge and recharge rate. The product will be applicable to the entire electric and hybrid-electric aircraft market. The Sustainable Aero Lab graduate recently announced an investment commitment for US$50 million.

Fusion Engineering is developing a flight control system for commercial drones. The software brings more safety and reliability for drone operations.

Shift Aviation provides an air traffic predictive management system, negotiating arrival slots between airports and airlines, thereby reducing delays, fuel waste and CO2 emissions. The system was developed by an active airline pilot.

HeronFan is an early startup from Hamburg, developing an entirely new engine design with the turbine integrated into the fan. While retaining the efficiency of the turbofan, the new engine will have lower part count, lower weight and require less maintenance.

San Francisco-based Moonware is automating ground operations for airports and vertiports. At the heart of the product is a fleet management software that helps airports and airlines optimize the utilization of the entire ground operations and improve turnaround times for aircraft. It also allows for autonomous and electric pushback vehicles. The startup is currently setting up a pilot case with a leading international airline.

The Sustainable Aero Lab was founded in January 2021, as a global fast track program for startups and projects that can prove their tangible impact on reducing the climate footprint of aviation.

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