July 9 2021  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

Keeping the cabin vitally visual with ABC International

By Rick Lundstrom

This is a special feature from PAX Tech's July 2021 Cabin Hygiene, Seating & IFEC digital edition.

ABC International worked with JAL to bring a refreshed look to the Tsurumaru crane logo of its A350s and 787s

When a passenger boards an aircraft cabin, the look and feel of the layout should instill the message that the space they inhabit for the next few hours is more than just a place to sit – if done right, something comforting and familiar.

“Why the cabin branding?” rhetorically asks Alberto D'ambrosio, Chief Executive Officer at ABC International in Naples, Italy. “Cabin interiors represent the first evaluation criteria for the passengers to [assess] the airline performances and services. A strong cabin customization, together with a positive flight experience, is the key to boost connection between passenger and airline.”

ABC International specializes in creating the subtle cues that can drive home the brand message of the airline. The company has crafted logos to be placed on bulkheads and walls of airline customers in several continents and just about any aircraft type.

The stylish work of ABC International was recently brought to two more airline customers. One contract allowed the company to reproduce one of the most iconic logos in the airline industry.

The Tsurumaru crane logo of Japan Airlines was originally adopted in 1959. Last December, ABC International worked with the airline to bring a refreshed look to its A350s and 787s, marking the first collaboration between the branding specialist and JAL. The result was a crest with varied treatments, gold plating and a sophisticated sandblasting technique.

"The challenge was not only to turn into reality the particular design but also to translate the new brand image into an airworthy product compliant with the aviation environment and ready to be installed on board," said Olindo Spatola, Vice President Engineering and HDO at ABC International.

ABC International designed cabin branding elements for French airline Corsair

The other customer was closer to home. In March, France-based Corsair outfitted its A330neos with a logo that the partners began working on in 2020. ABC created a design with dimension and texture in a simple panel offering with a brushed metal back plate tinged with sophisticated elegance.

Cabin design strategy in a post-COVID-19 world will be affected by a combination of new entrants and growth in air travel, D'ambrosio says, adding that airlines will need to project an image of trust in a competitive world. They will also have to appeal to a consumer that is socially conscious.

“If new passengers’ needs are satisfied (safety, healthy environment, sustainability and social responsibility) a branding element on board can immediately forge a strong connection between passenger and airline,” he says.

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