February 27 2019  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

GOL selects ABC International for cabin branding elements

By PAX International

The branding elements will appear at the front of GOL's 737 and 737 MAX aircraft

ABC International has signed a new branding project with Brazilian low-cost carrier GOL for the manufacturing and installation of branding elements on the airline's 737 and 737 MAX fleet.

ABC International developed a concept design with a milled aluminum branding logo to match the airline's corporate image, together with a special resin script to inform passengers about new connectivity service available on board.

“GOL is [a highly] demanding and meticulous customer, but thanks to their continuous and prompt support and, above all, their friendly approach, we felt comfortable to work with them since the beginning, avoiding any problem and delay,” said Alberto D’Ambrosio, CEO of ABC International, in a press release from the company. “ABC commitment has been to guarantee outstanding design, minimum weight and high durability and reliability. Furthermore, it was pretty challenging to accomplish all the certification issues for resin use on the monument, customer-selected resin design solution and, also if it was a non-conventional material, we successfully achieved the certification for this new material on board."

ABC International designed, engineered, manufactured and certified two different types of branding elements for GOL:

- A milled aluminum “GOL” Logo varnished in high glossy orange and grey finishing, matching the airline's corporate colors

- Resin script “GOL Online” with orange and blue colors

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