January 29 2018  |  Partnerships, Collaborations & Acquisitions

57 companies named Platinum Premier by Rockwell Collins

By Rachel Debling

From their list of 2,500 suppliers, Rockwell Collins has awarded a place on their Trusted Supplier Program (TSP) to only 730 partners. And as part of 2017's program, a mere 57 of those suppliers have been elevated to their prestigious Platinum Premier status.

Qualified suppliers are notified biannually of their status, which is based on a number of measures, such as delivery and quality; technology and customer support; and total cost of ownership. The program is "designed to foster collaboration with our supplier network to improve efficiencies and drive performance," reads the company's website, noting that in the future they will "increase the scope of suppliers eligible to participate to include those providing indirect materials and/or services."

ABM, Office Depot, NORDAM, Thales, Becker Avionics and Aeronix, Inc. are only a few of the names gracing the upper echelons of the 2017 list.

"Through the TSP, our Platinum Premier suppliers demonstrate that they recognize and are aligned with the performance metrics required to ensure that they, our customers and Rockwell Collins can be successful,” said Wayne Flory, vice president of Material & Supply for Rockwell Collins, in a January 29 release. “Suppliers who achieve a strong performance status are well positioned for future business opportunities based on their strengths and contributions to ongoing programs.”

Some of the perks of being at the Platinum Premier level include access to executive leadership and program design teams, badge access to Rockwell Collins facilities, a position on the Preferred Engineering Supplier/part list, special consideration for future sourcing decisions and payment term consideration.

For the full Platinum Premier list, click here.

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