May 28 2024  |  Lighting

AIX issue: Drop-in for mood lighting with IFPL

By Robynne Trueman

This is a special feature from PAX Tech's May 2024 AIX issue, on page 28.

Cobalt Spectrum illuminating the Economy cabin on Finnair 

IFPL Group will be highlighting a range of products at Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX), including its Cobalt Spectrum drop-in mood lighting system which has been taken onboard multiple airlines so far this year, including BermudAir, Electra Airways and WAMOS Air.

Dan Rust, Head of Design, IFPL Group

Dan Rust, Head of Design, IFPL Group, tells PAX Tech that the company is most looking forward to the industry connections and innovation insights the show delivers.

“AIX provides us a great opportunity to connect with customers old and new and showcase our latest innovations,” he says. “It allows us to gain insight into the emerging trends and developments which will shape the future of aircraft cabin interiors.”

Lighting up the cabin

AIX is a must-attend industry event for everything related to aircraft cabin interiors. As Rust explains, “It attracts people from all over the world and gives us the best opportunity to showcase our portfolio of products.”

This year, attendees can find IFPL Group at Stand 4B20 at the entrance to Hall 4, between the two escalators. The company will have an aircraft cabin mock-up at the booth for visitors to test out and experience Cobalt Spectrum’s cabin lighting for themselves.

“It gives us the unique opportunity of being able to demonstrate a number of our innovative products in situ,” Rust explains about the mock-up cabin. “Having our Cobalt Spectrum lighting in a cabin environment allows customers to experience the lighting, its vibrancy and transitions in real-time.”

Power, audio and more

The star of the show is IFPL Group’s drop-in LED mood lighting system. Cobalt Spectrum is a lightweight, low power consumption, wirelessly controlled, easy-install cabin lighting system with a Mean Time to Failure (MTTF) more than 750,000 hours. But that is not all visitors to the company’s booth can experience at AIX this May.

Rust explains that IFPL Group believes simple and intuitive design is the key to designing reliable solutions that elevate the passenger experience. As such, the group will be showcasing a broad range of in-seat solutions.

“From Bluetooth® connectivity to power systems and audio, our products are designed to deliver an outstanding travel experience for passengers whilst making life easier for operators,” Rust emphasizes.

Where in-seat power is concerned, IFPL Group will highlight its range of solutions including a combination of USB-A and USB-C units and reversible outlets that eliminate the frustration of trying to plug a USB in the right way.

To support inflight entertainment systems, IFPL Group offers industry-leading audio jacks designed to deliver quality sound to passengers whilst protecting the airline’s inflight entertainment investment.

“Our long-life audio jack includes Bluetooth connectivity,” Rust explains.“With an optimized low latency signal and no moving parts, the Bluetooth Audio Jack allows passengers the freedom to choose between pairing wirelessly or using a wired headset.”

Safety features for aircraft interiors are also part of IFPL Group’s repertoire. As such, the company will showcase its new photoluminescent floor path marking system at this year’s AIX.

Rust says the system, “uses a completely new method of manufacturing that allows us to pass huge savings on to our customers.” 

Unveiling news and products in Hamburg 

“We will be launching a retrofit friendly ISPS kit that uses peer- to-peer wireless communication to manage aircraft power,” explains Rust ahead of the Expo.

The kit will enable every seat on the aircraft to offer 60-watt USC-PD. Additionally, IFPL Group’s existing cartridge technology will ensure that passenger-induced damage
can be quickly and easily rectified; airlines will only have to swap out
a low-cost USB cartridge unit.

“Fully re-configurable via over-the-air updates, the system can be changed to suit airline demands and if required, integrate fully with CMS,” Rust continues. “USB cartridges can be switched seamlessly from A to C at any time.”

IFPL Group will return to Cabin Space Live this year, on a panel discussing how airlines can achieve the ultimate ambiance and well-being for passengers.

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