April 19 2024  |  Lighting

IFPL Group: In the mood for Cobalt Spectrum

By Robynne Trueman

 This is a special feature from PAX Tech's April 2024 Seating & IFEC issue, on page 26.

IFPL displays its Cobalt Spectrum lighting system

IFPL Group is lighting up aircraft cabins globally with its Cobalt Spectrum LED drop-in mood lighting product. Electra Airways, BermudAir and WAMOS have selected the lighting this year. IFPL Group tells PAX Tech it expects the momentum to continue, positioning the company for an expanded industry presence as the year progresses.

“We were thrilled to collaborate with Electra Airways, WAMOS and BermudAir on their fleet re-fits,” Dan Rust, Head of Design, IFPL Group, says. “We know from research into passenger comfort that cabin lighting is ranked second only to smell in regard to a passenger’s well-being and overall flight experience. Lighting plays a huge part of their cabin experience and inevitably leaves a lasting impression.”

A plug and play system

IFPL and Cobalt Aerospace’s Cobalt Spectrum is a true Plug and Play (PnP) system that makes it easy for airlines to directly replace existing OEM fluorescent tubes and upgrade cabin lighting without modifying the aircraft wiring or ballast system. The installation process for Cobalt Spectrum is straightforward requiring minimal downtime and no specialist tools.

Dan Rust, Head of Design, IFPL Group

“The system can be fully embodied during a single shift by following our easy-to-follow step-by-step installation procedure,” Rust explains.

Adam Scott, BermudAir, CEO, highlighted the quick and easy process following the airline’s refit. “The installation took four technicians one full 12-hour shift. We were very happy with the quality and sup-

port the Cobalt team provided to BermudAir,” he said in the press release.

According to Rust, Cobalt Spectrum has the lowest weight and power consumption on the market with an MTBF above 500,000 hours, thereby reducing operational maintenance and spares-related costs. The system also uses Age Correction Technology to extend its lifespan, reducing waste and HazMat expenses. The tubes are eco-friendly, containing zero mercury.

“We are committed to providing our customers with a sustainable and environmentally conscious solution ahead of the impending RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) mandates,” Rust says.

Setting the mood for a restful journey
Lighting inside the cabin has reached a level of sophistication that enables it to create a sense of depth and space, especially when placed strategically. Various features of the Cobalt Spectrum system allow airlines that install the product to control the atmospheric mood and use of branding inside the cabin.

“Lighting is one of the simplest and best ways for airlines to create an environment where passengers can relax and feel comfortable,” IFPL Group explains. “It can be used to give the brain subtle prompts that can help to lull the body back into a sense of routine, even lessening the effects of jet lag.”

The system can be used to aid the transition from wake to sleep by programming it to reflect natural occurrences like sunrise and sunset. In addition to helping guide passengers on when to sleep during a flight and when to remain awake, the Cobalt Spectrum system can be programmed to include a dining scene that uses warm white light to stimulate the appetite.

“Metabolism is proven to be a significant factor when it comes to jet lag, and lighting can help encourage the brain to recognize this integral part of an evening routine, leading to a restful sleep,” Rust says.

Lighting up AIX

IFPL Group will be attending the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in Hamburg in May and plans to showcase Cobalt Spectrum.

“We have been seeing an increased interest in LED mood lighting for almost a decade now,” Rust explains. “There will soon come a time when white-only fluorescent systems are a relic of the past.”

IFPL’s display will include an aircraft cabin mock-up that will allow visitors to experience the variety of inflight lighting options and transitions available with the Cobalt Spectrum drop-in mood lighting system first-hand. The company also plans to demonstrate the ease with which an airline can remove existing fluorescent lighting and install the Cobalt Spectrum system in its place. IFPL Group will be exhibiting at booth 4B20.

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