July 11 2023  |  Lighting

STG launches The Curve

By Alex Preston

STG's The Curve is a versatile solution for dynamic lighting

STG Aerospace has launched the first product of its Universal Lighting Family.

At just 6mm x 15mm, The Curve can be installed on a range of monuments and locations within the cabin, including wet areas. With a bend radius at 30mm convex and 50mm concave, the lighting solution can build layers of ambience in cabins where fixed, linear lights no longer meet the geometric requirement or aesthetic standard.

The light output of The Curve can be split into individually addressable segments. Each segment’s colour, transition and intensity are controlled independently with the choice of 16 million colours. Its internal storage means just 1 byte of data can launch a light sequence.

Speaking of the launch, Pierre Michard said in a June 6 press release, “It’s the first product to join our highly anticipated Universal Lighting Family and we know our customers will be impressed with how The Curve solves the lighting challenges the industry is facing. In fact, it has already been selected for an OEM application on a wide body platform.”

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