July 4 2023  |  Lighting

STG Aerospace provides liTeMood to Azores Airlines

By Alex Preston

The lighting solution has been designed to give a glimpse of all the experiences to enjoy on the Azores islands

STG Aerospace and Azores Airlines have created a new lighting experience for its A320 family of aircraft, paying homage to the unique natural beauty of the Azores islands, with an extensive blue and green palette.

The lighting profiles were created specifically to Azores Airlines requirements and are accompanied by the sounds of nature from the Azores, to create a unique and immersive experience of the magical islands within the cabin. The light scenes were jointly created with Azores onboard the first aircraft and the STG customer suite in Wales.

The airline has selected the liTeMood cabin lighting for five A321 NEO including LRs. The first one has already been fitted and is flying, with the rest of the fleet to follow.

In an April press release, Graça Silva, Head of Brand, Marketing and Communication at Azores Airlines commented, “We wanted to capture the essence of the Azores landscape in our cabin lighting experience – the dramatic landscapes, the surrounding Atlantic Ocean, green forests and hedgerows of blue hydrangeas that encapsulate our region.

“The liTeMood system allows us to do just that, recreating the colours and emotions of the Azores, so our passengers can experience them on board with the accompanying sounds, before their feet have even touched the ground.”

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