June 20 2023  |  Lighting

Cobalt Spectrum installed on the 2023 Boeing ecoDemonstrator cabin

By Alex Preston

In 2023, Boeing also will use its current flagship ecoDemonstrator airplane, a 777-200ER to test 19 technologies including Cobalt's lighting solutions

Cobalt Spectrum drop-in LED mood lighting will fly on the 2023 Boeing ecoDemonstrator, a 777-200ER (Extended Range), showcasing the product’s benefits for both operators and passengers.

Designed and manufactured by Cobalt Aerospace, the mood lighting will illuminate the interior of the airplane with Boeing’s brand colours and a spectacular display inspired by the Northern Lights. The system has also been programmed to offer additional light settings for boarding, meal services, sleeping and waking, and more.

The crew will be able to operate the cabin lighting via wireless controllers, unique to Cobalt Spectrum. A true “plug and play” system, Cobalt Spectrum is a direct replacement for existing fluorescent tubes and requires no changes to aircraft wiring.

Since its inception in 2012, the Boeing ecoDemonstrator program has been accelerating innovation by taking promising technologies out of the lab and testing them in an operational environment to enhance safety, sustainability, and the passenger experience. As of this year, the program has tested 250 new technologies, of which around a third have progressed onto Boeing products and services.

“We were tasked with helping to refresh and upgrade the Boeing 777-200ER interior lighting with Cobalt Spectrum,” said Gary Girard, Commercial Director of Cobalt Aerospace (part of IFPL Group), in a June 6 press release.

“We’re very excited to have Cobalt Spectrum flying on a Boeing ecoDemonstrator airplane and helping to show the new technologies Boeing is testing in the best light possible,” he added.

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