December 7 2020  |  Lighting

Cabin glows up

By Sabrina Pirillo

This is a special feature from PAX Tech's December 2020 FTE APEX Virtual Expo digital edition.

The GLS-7 joins Cobalt’s popular LED cabin lighting which creates mood colors and soothing scenes

Introduced in October, Cobalt Aerospace’s GLS-7 photoluminescent floor path marking is undergoing certification and is set to fly in early-2021. Joining its popular LED cabin lighting which creates mood colors and soothing scenes, the GLS-7 photoluminescent floor path marking system utilizes the kind of processes often used in the automotive and fast-moving consumer goods industries to produce a high-quality product and a new value proposition for the sector.

Guiding passengers to the exits in the event of an emergency, GLS-7 is a low cost, lightweight system that will keep shining bright if the cabin lights fail. GLS-7 uses no electronics, relying instead on a photoluminescent polymer that is non-toxic, non-radioactive and requires very little charging time under normal cabin lighting. GLS-7 is fully immune to liquid ingress. Not only is the protective polycarbonate housing hard-wearing and literally bullet proof, but the product itself benefits from the added security of completely waterproof pigment.

“Going forward, a greater focus will be on the passenger experience,” says Gary Girard, President of Cobalt Aerospace. “To make people as visually comfortable as possible while flying is a key component of that experience. Having the highest quality and truest lighting inside the aircraft to enhance that experience is what Cobalt Aerospace is dedicated to providing.”

Built for hygiene
With decades of cabin lighting design experience, STG Aerospace has developed an additional function that fights biological agents to its market leading liTeMood® LED cabin lighting. A germicidal light cleaning mode using 405 nanometer LEDs is used for enhanced cleaning of aircraft cabin surfaces quickly and easily, especially when combined with appropriate coatings.

Lighting characteristics are controlled to have the maximum disinfecting effect in all conditions

The research and development team at STG Aerospace have been quick to help customers respond to the COVID-19 threat. The photoluminescent products (saf-Tglo® floor path marking and saf-Tsign® signage) are now available with ISO 22196 compliant anti-microbial finishes for long term surface contamination protection. The saf-Tglo range services more than 300 airlines operating more than 12,000 aircraft worldwide.

The silver-ion technology can also be applied to clear, self-adhesive polymeric surface covers for convenient retrofit to cabin components such as tray tables, work surfaces and seat arm rests

“With new challenges in passenger and crew safety, it was important to us that we used our agility, innovative thinking and lighting know-how to design solutions that help our customers be safe in the post-COVID world,” says Chief Operating Officer, Grant Bennett.

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