November 27 2019  |  Lighting

Four companies collaborate on human-centric lighting solution

By Sabrina Pirillo

At the Dubai Air Show this month, SCHOTT, jetlite, Etihad Engineering and Lufthansa Technik signed a ceremonial letter to further explore and promote a new human-centric lighting technology.

The system combines SCHOTT’s experienced cabin lighting systems, jetlite’s holistic solution for jetlag reduction and Etihad Engineering and Lufthansa Technik’s expertise in aircraft systems integration, design certification and innovation capabilities.

The solution integrates SCHOTT’s HelioJet® LED cabin lighting, which emits homogeneous light and high-color stability throughout the cabin, and jetlite’s automation software into Lufthansa Technik’s cabin lighting control system. The lighting-pilot technology calculates and executes the ideal illumination sequence for any flight route without the need for cabin crew to intervene.

The technology aims to reduce jet lag and other symptoms of multi-time zone flights. Automated cabin lighting scenarios will positively affect air passenger’s well-being by reducing jet lag and headaches, enabling higher concentration and energy levels, says a release from the time of the announcement.

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