April 10 2019  |  Lighting

Schott lighting shines with Jewels in the Sky

By Mary Jane Pittilla

Schott HelioCurve enables flexible designs and new functional features in the cabin

International technology group Schott showcased its lighting solutions emphasizing small space installation and enhanced passenger experience at the Aircraft Interior Expo (AIX) in Hamburg.

Featured products included HelioCurve, an LED solution for both ambient and functional lighting.

Schott Opal and Schott Sapphire are the new series of compact in-seat reading lights incorporative a distinctive design and intuitive features.

The firm also demonstrated HelioJet Spectrum, an advanced cabin lighting system that recently received the German Innovation Award in Gold, as well as LuminaLine, a new lighting concept that won the Red Dot Design Award.

“As designers of aircraft seating products for different clients, we understand how each airline and each seat design has differing requirements,” said Ben Rowan, Director at the design agency PriestmanGoode, which developed the new Sapphire reading light series for Schott.

“We saw the exceptional opportunity to create designs that could adapt to, not hinder, the aesthetic of a seat. With both ambient and direct lighting, and an opportunity to change the look and feel of the product, airlines are able to have a bespoke product unique to their aesthetic requirements.”

LED lights offer flexibility

Schott HelioCurve, a flexible RGBW (red, green, blue, white) LED light that can be curved, allows for fresh designs and functional improvements of various cabin features, such as seat pockets, aisles, armrests, and on curved surfaces.

HelioCurve can be installed in small spaces as its light homogeneity illuminates surfaces without a cover or diffuser that adds extra bulk and requires extra space.

Schott’s intelligent Multi-Light-Controller enables power leveling as well as ageing and temperature compensation for HelioCurve.

As is the case with the whole Helio range, HelioCurve also works in holistic mood lighting scenarios.

Jewels in the Sky

Schott’s new-generation, highly customizable LED reading lights are inspired by the luminescence of gemstones. Dubbed Jewels in the Sky, the compact and elegant Schott Opal and Schott Sapphire series incorporate a distinctive design and intuitive features. Each light concept aims to enhance the passenger's overall travel experience.

Opal’s ultra-slim and compact design fits on all kinds of surfaces. The rotation mechanism allows for wide angles so the light cone can easily be adjusted. The Sapphire series was designed by PriestmanGoode.

Both series are based on a modular concept with different shapes, colors, and finishes. This innovation in the reading light market offers a wide range of individual options, and also saves time and efforts for qualification processes. They shine with high-class homogenous light output.

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