October 24 2018  |  Lighting

Volotea opts for liTeMood

By Rachel Debling

STG Aerospace has announced that Volotea has selected its full-color Airbus liTeMood® LED cabin lighting system.

Over the next five years the Spanish low-cost operator will change to an all-Airbus fleet (it currently operates A319s and 717s), a move that prompted the order of 45 liTeMood® systems. The first installations of the lighting solution are already underway.

Marcus Williams, Global Sales Director at STG Aerospace, commented in a statement from the company: “We are delighted to add Volotea to the growing list of airlines that have chosen our latest liTeMood® LED lighting system after a rigorous technical and competitive evaluation of the available systems. After completing an on-wing demonstration on their aircraft earlier this year, the Volotea team subsequently made a visit to the STG Aerospace Innovation & Engineering Centre in Wales where we finalized the ideal color configuration to suit the Volotea brand identity.”

Isidre Porqueras, Volotea’s Chief of Cost and Operations Performance, also stated: “Having made the decision to transition to an all-Airbus fleet, our next task was to ensure that our passengers would enjoy the most enjoyable and memorable journey we could offer them. Having experienced the impact of the full-color liTeMood® system at AIX Hamburg, we were convinced that STG Aerospace had what we needed.”

The configurable full-color liTeMood® system, providing over 16 million hues, debuted earlier this year for single- and twin-aisle Airbus aircrafts. The system is compatible with both classic and enhanced CIDS and can be installed in under six hours on a typical A320 with no changes to the aircraft’s wiring or control panels.

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