April 12 2018  |  Lighting

STG Aerospace develops innovative Wi-Fi sign for Icelandair

By Mary Jane Pittilla

Alaska Airlines will have 116 aircraft outfitted with STG floor path lighting

In response to a request from its long-standing client Icelandair, STG Aerospace has designed and patented a new saf-Tsign product, introduced to upgrade dated Passenger Service Units (PSU), complete with a switchable Wi-Fi sign.

As one of the first airlines to roll out high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity across its fleet, Icelandair asked STG Aerospace to communicate this major enhancement on its 757 aircraft.

Through photoluminescent and LED technology, the new PSU lens removes the need to backlight the No Smoking icon by moving it to a central position and illuminating the command with blue glowing photoluminescence, ensuring the sign is always visible even in low light and dark conditions.

Creating a switchable display on the left, now converted to LED, the No Smoking icon has been changed to a Wi-Fi icon, allowing airlines to manage the availability of the service and advertising to passengers that Wi-Fi is available onboard.

Dr. Sean O’Kell, Director of Innovation at STG Aerospace, said: “By applying our commitment to innovation and our expertise in both photoluminescent and LED technologies, we were able to rapidly develop an elegant solution and, using our in-house facilities, bring a new product to market in a remarkably short space of time.”

Sigurður Ingi Ljótsson, Industrial Designer at Icelandair, commented: “Our long-standing relationship with STG Aerospace made them a first choice for this PSU upgrade project. By changing the switched no-smoking symbol for a Wi-Fi available one, we can let passengers know in the day or night that Wi-Fi connectivity is available on our planes.”

In addition to the practical and aesthetic benefits, the new, patented PSU lens is a lighter, simpler, retrofit solution that can be customized to provide on-brand messaging to passengers.

To complete the modernization process, STG Aerospace offers direct, filtered white LEDs to illuminate the sign and its latest square beam reading light.

In other news, STG Aerospace is set to supply its photoluminescent emergency floor path marking system across Alaska Airlines’ Boeing and Airbus fleets, as the airline begins to streamline the cabins of its Virgin America fleet.

Alaska Airlines will install STG Aerospace’s next-generation saf-Tglo SSUL photoluminescent emergency escape path marking system on 116 aircraft across its retrofitted and new 737-700, MAX9 and A320 family fleets, making it one of the largest multi-platform programs ever awarded.

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