Cabin Maintenance

April 20 2021

Airbus picks up Bucher Bionic Partition…

First of Bucher’s Bionic Partition installed on A320

By Jane Hobson

April 8 2021

How Etihad Engineering innovates…

Physical barriers may be useful post-COVID to build passenger confidence

By Jane Hobson

August 12 2020

Taking aim at cabin hygiene

Cabin cleaning suppliers are responding to demands for disinfecting products with these offerings

By Jane Hobson

July 28 2020

Delta advances CareStandard with…

Delta partners with makers of Lysol to bring greater confidence to travelers

By Jane Hobson

June 17 2020

Magnetic MRO conducts virtual aircraft…

Magnetic MRO conducts virtual aircraft inspection of both airframe and interior

By Jane Hobson

June 16 2020

Celeste ramps up production through…

With more than 60 years' experience, the company continues to supply disinfectants and cleaners

By Jane Hobson

March 10 2020

Delta stepping up cleaning regime

Delta Air Lines steps up cleaning regime during COVID-19 outbreak

By PAX International

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