May 14 2024  |  Cabin Maintenance

ATG highlights aerBlade window shades for AIX

By PAX Tech Magazine Staff

ATG's aerBlade

Aerospace Technologies Group (ATG)’s aerBlade® will be on display at the Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) this month. The aerBlade is an electronically operated window shade system that acts as a direct replacement for the traditional manual slider shade without any sidewall modifications. Crew members can automatically lower and raise all window shades on the aircraft from the flight attendant panel to streamline the process of preparing for take-off and landing.

The patented Electronic Emergency OverRide (EEOR) option will automatically cause the shade to raise to a clear window position upon detecting a loss of cabin power during flight. The product is Equipped with ATG’s NextGen electronic controls and provides IoT functionality and connectivity to onboard maintenance and cabin management systems. This enables the transfer of performance metrics, remote diagnostics and programming updates without removing the shade from the aircraft.

As attendees will see at AIX, there is a dual shade aerBlade version that includes a second shade which is tinted. This allows passengers to block the bright sunlight while still enjoying the view.

The various versions of aerBlade can be retrofitted onto aircraft sidewalls without any cuts or sidewall modifications. The product mounts in place of the existing manual shade in minutes, the press release said.

ATG is rolling out models of aerBlade for a wide range of commercial aircraft including A350, A321LR and A321XLR and 777 Series and 737 Family of aircraft.

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