January 23 2024  |  Cabin Maintenance

AVIACTION keeps Icelandair aircraft on "Around the World Tour"

By Jane Hobson

Vans at the airport while AVIACTION team responds to Icelandair tail strike

AVIACTION subsidiaries worked together this month to keep an Icelandair aircraft flying as part of its “Around the World Tour”. When a tail strike forced an unscheduled pause for the 757 aircraft registered at TF-LLL, from Loftleidir-Icelandic a member of Icelandair Group, Icelandair dispatched a 767-300ER to take over the flight. TF-LLL was "customized to accommodate around 80 pax VIP-style leather seating,” the January 23 press release said.

Following the tail strike incident, TF-LLL was taken to Madrid for structural repairs. Loftleidir- Icelandic reportedly identified the need for the VIP seats and some interior elements from TF-LLL to be transferred to a 757 in Iceland. That aircraft then continued to the “Around the World Tour” flight. AVIACTION companies, specifically AIRE and SERVITEC, worked together to make this a reality.

TF-LLL landed in Madrid where AIRE and SERVITEC operations continued without interruption. The collaborative team was able to keep the project under one AVIACTION roof, which allowed AIRE and SERVITEC to find a solution within one week. The project required the removal of seats and closets from the aircraft, almost emptying the cabin interior, in just two days.

After AIRE's team of technicians removed all seats and closets from the 757, the components were transported to AIRE’s warehouse in Madrid. Once there, “they underwent rigorous inspection/checks in accordance with seats CMMs to issue relevant EASA Form 1 for prompt re-installation in Iceland on selected aircraft,” AVIACTION said.

The AIRE logistics team packed all the components for shipment to Iceland. Once the aircraft landed in Madrid, SERVITEC was responsible for aircraft airworthiness along with the activities, signing relevant WOs for cabin emptying and aircraft CRS. Following these actions, the aircraft was taken to the hangar for repairs.

While the tail strike incident initially posed a threat to the aircraft’s "Around the World Tour,", AVIACTION said the response from its team showcased “resilience and expertise”, allowing the aircraft to continue its global journey.

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