September 14 2023  |  Cabin Maintenance

ABC International completes cabin branding for ITA Airways

By Alex Preston

ABC International has extended its branding relationship with ITA Airways to the cabin

Aviation Business Consultant International (ABC International) has finished the design, certification, and manufacturing of branding logos for ITA Airways’ new A319, A320 and A330 aircraft cabins.

Designed by Landor & Fitch, the same design house behind the Alitalia brand in 1969, the ITA Airways logo was made airworthy by ABC to comply with related certification.

“To make the logo airworthy, we conceived the lettering without affecting the original design and coloured the metal lettering through an anodizing process. Thanks to the optimal synergy between our technical office and the customer, we were able to bring forward the delivery date to the satisfaction of the airline," explained Olindo Spatola, Vice President of Engineering and HDO at ABC International in a recent statement.

To date, 144 logos have been installed on 41 ITA Airways aircrafts. These include:

  • 33 logos on eleven A319s
  • 33 logos on eleven A320s
  • 24 logos on eight A320 neos
  • 42 logos on seven A330–200s
  • 12 logos on four A330-900 neos

ITA Airways expects to install the remaining branding elements in the coming months.

According to ABC International CCO, Rodolfo Baldascino, the Italian Identity is a very important topic. “After working on projects all over the world, as [an] Italian company we are proud of working with ITA Airways. We are convinced that this cooperation will allow both companies to reach new goals and promote Made in Italy within [the] aviation industry.”

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