July 18 2022  |  Cabin Maintenance

Class dividers take their place in ABC INTERNATIONAL lineup

By PAX International

The Movable Class Divider is on the A320s of two airlines

After the installation of the new Movable Class Dividers (MCD) on the A320 aircraft of Bulgaria Air and Tunisia's Nouvelair, ABC INTERNATIONAL has a new established product in its growing portfolio of interior cabin solutions that includes galley stowage boxes, doghouses, partitions, windscreens and closets for the most operated wide and narrow bodied aircraft.

“ABC INTERNATIONAL’s target is to become a solid and reliable aircraft retrofit cabin solution provider in Europe. As mentioned, several times, our commercial strategy is oriented to cover any cabin need. The actual commitment is to design, develop and manufacture any product required to complete a full cabin retrofit request with one single bundle of services. The MCD for (the) A320 has been an important investment for us both in terms of time and human resources,” said Rodolfo Baldascino, Chief Commercial Officer at ABC INTERNATIONAL in a recent press release. “Many companies advertise themselves as 'nose to tail' providers but how many can really claim such a status? How many ‘cabin specialists’ can supply LOPA, EEL, carpets, curtains, bilingual placards and a movable class divider in one single shot with extremely short lead times? We can really do that. Upon request we can even dress up the aircraft with new livery vinyl, supply new seat track covers kit and new EFPM from our own warehouse.”

The A320 MCD has been designed to be lightweight, functional and to have a small impact on existing cabin configuration. Those three fundamentals were a priority by ABC INTERNATIONAL’s engineering team headed by Olindo Spatola, Vice President Engineering and HOD of ABC INTERNATIONAL.

“When we talk about installation of MCDs we are commonly asked to limit the weight addition and reduce volume of modification activities on both existing seat configuration and related PSU configuration,” said Spatola. “On top of that, considering the objective market difficulties, we are demanded to offer the most cost-efficient solution to reflect budget limitations.

"Hence, we conceived our MCD to grant weight and cost saving conditions. Our product is composed by three elements: a central pelmet fixed on pre-installed rails above overhead bins and two later pelmets installed using PSU empty slots. All components are made of lightweight materials - a combination of aluminum and honeycomb,” said Spatola. ”Most important, flexibility and versatility played a vital role in the development of the concept. The system is studied to reach different ‘class configurations’ in a short time frame between two flights. Smart attachment systems allow the cabin crew to place the MCD at the pre-agreed locations by an easy action and without the assistance of the MRO. Such a feature is granted by easy lock/unlock systems of both central and lateral pelmets along with pre-installed PSU brackets at desired stations. Cabin crew can easily be trained in performing such operations.”

ABC INTERNATIONAL's MCD can be installed without affecting the existing PSU configuration, if not strictly necessary. The ABC INTERNATIONAL designers conceived the lateral pelmets with a large central window to allow passenger visibility of luminous NS (no Smoking) and FSB (Fasten Seat Belt) signs from any seating angle in compliance with cabin safety regulations.

“The ABC INTERNATIONAL’s Movable Class Divider design is driven by the firm intention to provide a cost-effective solution to our clients which require a high level of customization. The divider can be eventually installed fitting into an existing full economy LOPA and without modifying the PSU. There is no need to modify the cabin configuration, ABC INTERNATIONAL can just provide basic package to include: divider, SB for the installation, PSU brackets and curtains,” added Baldascino. “We are currently also working on dividers for other single aisle aircraft, the same design is now being applied on B737s and ATRs. ABC INTERNATIONAL keeps evolving and growing, and we like to say that there is no limit to our adaptive and forward- thinking approach.”

Thanks to the new MCD, the Italian design organization company seeks to consolidate its role in the aviation industry as cabin interiors manufacturer meanwhile holding the firm position as cabin branding specialist and EASA part 21J engineering services provider. The MCD installation, as well as any other minor modifications, have been approved directly by ABC INTERNATIONAL under its EASA privileges by ensuring improved lead times and unbeatable commercial conditions.

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