June 9 2022  |  Cabin Maintenance

Paint manufacturer Mankiewicz will discuss color and mood at AIX

By Rick Lundstrom

Blue: A color for the digital age

Global paint manufacturer Mankiewicz will be discussing the importance of color on mood and perception at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo.

On the palate this year will be a predominance of blue in different shades, with different gloss levels, effect pigments and build-ups to show the variance that is possible in just one color.

“Blue is considered a symbol of 'electric' and 'digital', but also of the future,” said a release from the company. “It is a hue for today's world. Simultaneously, blue is an extremely classic hue. A shade that symbolizes eternity, water and hence nature.”

All presented color effects the company manufactures are OEM qualified and available in sustainable, water-based product lines. The company says there are almost no limits to the design and textures as well as optical and haptic aspects can be freely combined to create a unique look for aircraft cabin interiors.

Likewise, no limits are set by component geometries. Even the most complicated shapes can be given a unique and durable design with the company’s ALEXIT FST Coatings. Also, all design effects are repairable in compliance with regulatory requirements and can be done cost effective to the airline's benefit.

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