January 3 2022  |  Cabin Maintenance

V-VIP 787-9 completed by Greenpoint Technologies

By Rick Lundstrom

Greenpoint Technologies in Bothell, Washington, delivered the world’s first V-VIP 787-9 interior completion to an undisclosed client in mid-December.

In a December 15 release, Greenpoint said it was able to modify the aircraft eight months faster than its first V-VIP 787-8. The company applied detailed planning, processes, and a 10-year knowledge base of complex 787 systems and structures to expedite delivery.

To date, Greenpoint has completed five V-VIP Boeing 787 interior completions. Greenpoint crafted the bespoke cabin in collaboration with the client’s representatives, balancing systems and technology with meticulous interior design detail.

The main cabin caters to the client’s distinct needs with private VIP areas and an expansive, multi-functional living space featuring woven fabrics, wood veneers, and intricate metallic details complemented by soft, indirect lighting.

“Greenpoint is grateful for the opportunity to partner with such an amazing client, and we are delighted to redeliver our first Boeing 787-9 completion in record time. This historical achievement is a testament to our team’s dedication, attention to detail, and V-VIP completion expertise. We look forward to applying this expertise to future V-VIP projects,” said Klaus Koester, CEO of Greenpoint Technologies.

Greenpoint is part of the Safran Group of companies.

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