November 29 2021  |  Cabin Maintenance

AVIC launches inflight hygiene innovations

By Jayson Koblun

AVIC Cabin Systems has announced three new hygiene solutions, PURE Cabin from FACC, ARCA from AIM Altitude, and VantageSOLO from Thompson Aero Seating

With sanitization and hygiene more important now than ever to passengers and crew alike, AVIC Cabin Systems has announced three innovations that AVIC said will help the industry recover.

PURE Cabin from FACC

PURE CABIN said on its website that it effectively and sustainably frees surfaces from all types of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. The permanent photocatalytic solution can be applied to several types of surfaces, including laminates, leather, metal, injection molding, fabrics.

“With no toxic or biocide-based substances, it is completely harmless to health and guarantees virtually all viruses are eliminated in under 10 minutes,” said a press release from AVIC. “The active component is triggered by normal cabin light and the treatment lasts for at least one year.”

ARCA from AIM Altitude

ARCA is an innovative galley system that introduces a hygienic boxed-meal system instead of set-meal trays.

Aesthetically pleasing refrigerated aisle stowage units cater for the same number of passengers within a smaller footprint. Individual sealed boxes for chilled and hot food results in minimal handling and less interaction with food content. The boxes double as closing waste containers, aiding recycling and diverting waste from landfills, and reducing crew contact with left-over food and utensils.

VantageSOLO from Thompson Aero Seating

VantageSOLO offers a fully horizontal flat-bed for single-aisle aircraft from only a 33-inch seat pitch. It has direct aisle-access for every seat, which can be configured with a fixed screen, or full-function suite door. This offers an exclusive business-class seating experience and greater personal privacy.

The herringbone configuration locates passengers away from the aisle minimizing accidental contact with others in the cabin. In the bed position, the passenger’s head is away from the aisle, reducing the likelihood of person-to-person transmission of germs.

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