October 5 2021  |  Cabin Maintenance

ABC International's one-stop shop is more than interiors

By Jane Hobson

This article is featured in PAX Tech's October 2021 digital edition, on page 43, and the December APEX EXPO Long Beach 2021 digital edition, page 36.

Having one company operate all services an airline needs goes beyond basic convenience. It brings resourcefulness and collaboration, not to mention helps reduce issues with interruptions in supply chain which have been exacerbated by COVID.

But even before the onset of the pandemic, ABC International began to pivot from exclusively a cabin branding specialist to become a global player in the world of cabin interior and refurbishment services.

Established in Naples, Italy in 2008, the company began with a major focus on the strategic importance of cabin branding and its effect on passenger retention for its airline customers. As the airlines became more successful and passenger expectations evolved, ABC embraced the realization that differentiation in the marketplace would give it the competitive edge needed to succeed.

Rodolfo Baldascino, Chief Commercial Officer at ABC International

Now ABC is bringing a range of interiors products and services to the market, with a new Chief Commercial Officer at the lead. Rodolfo Baldascino joined the company in October 2021, previously holding the position of Marketing & Sales Manager at GEVEN SpA.

“During our branding elements discussions, we receive additional requests to complete the cabin customization in line with the brand identity strategy,” Baldascino tells PAX Tech. This makes us not only aware of the unlimited opportunities in the cabin refurbishment market but also of the daily challenges that airlines professionals are facing to maintain a high-quality cabin standard and find ‘off the shelf’ solutions.”

Operating as a one-stop shop, ABC provides quick turnaround and turnkey solutions for airlines, MROs and lessors by including EASA minor mod approval, design, certification and production. The company supplies curtains, carpet and seat cover kits efficiently from its warehouse, and produces bespoke cabin interiors parts such as windscreens, class dividers and closets in a timely and cost-efficient manner by relying on its network of suppliers and DO-PO agreements. With 21J privileges, it can approve new LOPA (layout of passenger accommodations), PSU (passenger service unit) rearrangement and installation of provided parts.

Recently, Baldascino says, three Movable Class Dividers for an A320 were ready in 60 days. A320 or 737 curtain kits can be delivered in 14 days including production, form one and change approval; an A330 can be ready in 21; and a few more days are needed for a complete carpet kit.

“Our clients tell us what they need in the cabin, and we deliver the ready-to-install solutions, saving them the stress of sourcing parts and handling several suppliers at once,” he explains.

ABC has opened a new office in Dublin to support its growth. The engineering department operates under distinct divisions including R&D, design, approval and certification. Here, specialists manage tailor-made products along mandatory engineering milestones: initial design review, design freeze, production and certification, first article inspection and installation.

“Every single department of our organization plays a specific role in each project,” says Baldascino. “The skills and background of our people deeply come from both airlines and aviation industry. We have a deep awareness of the business model process of airlines, MRO and leasing companies, thus we know where and what to offer to them across their value chain to bring a simple but concrete contribution to their added value creation.”

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