September 1 2021  |  Cabin Maintenance

SEKISUI KYDEX launches new website

By Rick Lundstrom

SEKISUI KYDEX the thermoplastic sheet extruder, recently announced the launch of its new website

“With a fresh clean look, bold imagery, and intuitive navigation, the website welcomes visitors on a journey of discovery,” said a release from the company.

A video banner on the homepage plays a short clip of KYDEX® Thermoplastics flowing down production lines. It has a rundown of Products, Markets, Innovation Centers, Technical Resources, or Company information. The new Technical Resource Library has fully dynamic search functionality, allowing visitors to select the right materials based on specific application requirements.

“We began working on the new website design almost a year ago and early on we identified that helping our customers access the information they find most useful, as quickly as possible, should be our top priority” said Bernie Allen, Vice President of Marketing, in the announcement of the news site. "We spent a lot of time interviewing customers and identifying the most frequently used features and content. We made those elements the foundation of the new site design.”

Scrolling down the page from top to bottom, there is a sections dedicated to the various markets SEKISUI KYDEX serves. Such as; medical, mass transit, aviation, agriculture and heavy equipment and emerging technologies, like 5G antenna housings or electric vehicle charging stations. Continuing further, there are content blocks dedicated to the Innovation Centers collaborative spaces for rapid prototyping, design development, and material education.

“We have purposefully built this website to increase customer engagement and the best way to ensure engagement is to centralize everything around our customer journeys,” added Allen. “Whether you are an engineer, a thermoformer, an aircraft interior designer, a distributor or someone looking for assistance from one our Innovation Centers, we are going to get you where you need to go in as few clicks as possible.

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