June 16 2021  |  Cabin Maintenance

Jamco America expanding abilities

By Rick Lundstrom

New machinery and new capabilities at Jamco America in Everett, Washington

In nearly 30 years of operation, the Jamco America machine shop has expanded its capabilities from basic machining.

The Everett, Washington, facility can now do sheet metal bending, profiling, and forming; countersinking, dimpling, riveting, and other preparations for sub-assembly; large four-axis horizontal milling and machining; smaller three- and four-axis vertical machining; and lathe turning for round components.

The large four-axis machine centers hold 240 tools each, and are accompanied by an automated 36 pallet cell, for flexible, efficient milling around the clock, ensuring rapid turnaround time.

One of the shop’s most unique capabilities is delivered by its freeform CNC tube bender, installed in summer 2020. This machine forms a round tube into a tubing frame and is used to produce Jamco’s Venture Business Class seats with embedded aluminum edge trim. The shop also houses a digital cutter/router for composite materials, open cell core, textiles, and more. Used traditionally in the sign-making industry, Jamco has adapted this technology for aircraft seating and other innovative projects.

Thanks to its extensive machining capabilities, Jamco America is able to deliver products in unrivaled rapid lead times. This rapid turnaround enables fast-paced product development, a necessity in aerospace and other highly demanding industries. What’s more, the machine shop’s capabilities enable Jamco to offer customizing capabilities, to help customers to differentiate their products from competitors.

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