March 24 2021  |  Cabin Maintenance

Corsair taps ABC International for A330neo cabin branding

By Jane Hobson

ABC International designed cabin branding elements for French airline Corsair

ABC International announced today that Corsair tapped the Italian cabin branding specialist for the design, manufacturing and installation approval of Corsair branding elements on the airline's A330neo.

The design modernization project began in 2020 as part of Corsair's customer experience enhancement strategy. Starting from the concept design, ABC International provided Corsair a full package solution with a unique branding panel for its cabin. The elements were designed to bring a touch of exclusivity and customization into the cabin while guaranteeing quality and comfort for passengers.

On the panel, the contrast of the metal-brushed backplate and chrome airline script gives a sophisticatedly elegant, durable and strong branding. The panels have been installed in the A330-900 owned by Avolon and operated by Corsair.

"The main goal of our designers was to offer a simplistic design by making it elegant and with a truly linear style," said Alberto D’Ambrosio, CEO, ABC international. "After achieving several goals and working with several companies all around the world, the choice of Corsair to partner up with ABC International makes us very proud and satisfied."

ABC International designed cabin branding elements for French airline Corsair

The airline logo is shown throughout the cabin, installed in three different locations, said Olindo Spatola VP Engineering and HDO at ABC International. The first logo is installed facing passengers on the wall of the front row monument (G1A); the second on the wall of the galley (G2A), just in front of the entry door for view as soon as passenger board; and the third can be seen clearly by the passenger while walking through the cabin towards the aft on the wall of the galley (G4F), he explained.

The designer worked with Safran for delivery of the G2A monument. G1A and G4A were delivered by Stelia Aerospace.

D’Ambrosio continued: "Realizing the needs of such an important client [Corsair] represents for us another opportunity to establish ourselves, even more, as a branding elements specialist. Moreover, all this make us confident for the future, we wish that may be only a prelude to working with other French airlines as important as Corsair."

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