March 23 2021  |  Cabin Maintenance

Mirandy forms distribution partnership with Avgroup Inc

By Jane Hobson

The Gel Hand Sanitizer is among the many cabin cleaning products offered by Mirandy

Florida-based aircraft cleaning product supplier Mirandy has announced a distribution partnership with Avgroup Inc to continue expanding its customer base. The supplier offers products for lavatories, interiors, exteriors and airport runways. In light of the pandemic, Mirandy has expanded its range to disinfectants, hands soap and hand sanitizers.

Avgroup serves the global aviation and business aviation communities, providing a vast selection of products and services. Avgroup's offerings include chemicals and consumables, setting it apart from other distributors. It provides a vast selection of parts from their inventory as well as providing avionics support and 24/7 AOG support. The partnership will help Mirandy reach a larger and more complete customer base. Among Mirandy's popular products is the Boeing and AMS specification-tested and approved aircraft lavatory anti-corrosion, anti-freezing and fragrant fluids, as well as Mirandy's line of runway de-reubberizers and degreasers.

"My team and I are excited to form this new distribution partnership with Mirandy," said Raymond Hall, President of Avgroup. "Mirandy's customer service values in conjunction with their quality product offerings are the reason why this partnership will be prosperous."

"Partnering with Avgroup as a distributor will allow Mirandy to continue providing innovative solutions for aviation maintenance and related activities," added Lindsey Mendelson, President of Mirandy. "We are looking forward to working with the Avgroup team." The press release added: "Mendelson believes this partnership will help open the door to future opportunities in the aviation industry."

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