October 15 2020  |  Cabin Maintenance

Aereos develops built-in antimicrobial technology

By Sabrina Pirillo

BioCote, which is built into Aereos' interior products, is 99 percent effective against microbes, according to test results

Aereos Inc tells PAX Tech today that it has announced today that Aereos Interior Solutions (AIS), one of its five divisions, has received test results confirming a "high level of antimicrobial effectiveness" from an independent microbiological testing laboratory for its BioCote®.

According to the company, the test confirms that the antimicrobial silver ion technology, which is built into Aereos' interior products, has been test over a 24-hour period and is more than 99 percent effective against microbes.

The benefits of BioCote technology are:

  • It provides long lasting protection that doesn’t wear out or wash off
  • Reduces odor and staining causing microbes on high-touch interior surfaces
  • Reduces cross-contamination from surface to surface
  • Retains color and protection throughout each layer of the products
  • Certified greater than 99.8 percent effective against microbes

BioCote offers significant value to airlines at no incremental cost and takes as little as eight weeks from concept to delivery.

“Our team of highly skilled aviation professionals are doing their part to help the industry that we are all so passionate about," David Baker, Partner at Aereos tells PAX Tech. "Our new line of antimicrobial products are a game changer, providing 24/7 microbial fighting technology built into our aircraft interior parts. This is a first for the airline industry."

The antimicrobial technology contained in the parts is certified by HACCP International (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) and is approved as food contact safe by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

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