June 17 2020  |  Cabin Maintenance

Magnetic MRO conducts virtual aircraft inspection

By Jane Hobson

Magnetic MRO announced in a press release today the recent successful completion of its first virtual aircraft inspection for pre-lease preparation. The company's engineering department performed the inspection with video material of both the airframe and interior.

The virtual inspection comes as a response to routine procedures and asset sales being frozen due to COVID-19 lockdowns. During the virtual inspection, a structured file system was implemented, allowing potential customers to efficiently locate and analyze any part of the aircraft. The test inspection allows clients to receive information without physically being present.

"Modern tools and innovative solutions can be adapted in order to proceed with such tasks - at least to a certain extent," reads the press release. It continues: the technology can be "used for the future inspections both when travel restrictions are in place and in other cases when physical inspections are not possible."

"Challenges the industry is facing can be tackled and solved by the implementation of digital solutions – and the aviation industry should be at the forefront in using innovative methods instead of being blinded by the the routine," said Tõnno Toompuu, Engineering Manager at Magnetic MRO. "We should maintain focus on ultimate goal and find new ways to work – and that’s what Magnetic MRO does the best. This virtual inspection is just an example of how innovative yet simple approach can help to continue operations even in times likes these."

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