March 4 2020  |  Cabin Maintenance

MAC Aero Interiors moves to Estonia facility

By Jane Hobson

UK-based MAC Aero Interiors, a subsidiary of total technical care provider Magnetic MRO, announced today that it has moved its production facility to Tallinn, Estonia. The new facility in Estonia’s capital opened officially in January 2020, but is made public today.

According to the Magnetic MRO press release, “due to the changes in the economic environment in the United Kingdom, the company has made [the] decision to support its customers in full-scope delivering high standard service via Magnetic MRO Part 145, POA, DOA certified production facility in Tallinn.”

MAC Aero Interiors, which has more than 50 years of experience in aircraft interior solutions with a vast range of clients, remains the supplier and holder of its contractual obligations, while production is executed at the Magnetic MRO facility.

Additionally, China-based MAC Sichuan – a subsidiary of MAC Aero Interiors - continues to provide cabin total technical care support for large-volume orders and brings exposure to the Asian market.

"Our production team has streamlined facility processes, while the sales team continue bringing new opportunities and deals that feed our interior business in the short term as well as secure long-term partnership for sustainable work-flow," said Inga Duglas, Commercial Director at Magnetic MRO.

"This strategic decision is the outcome of an increased level of indecisiveness in the UK market,” added Marko Männiste, Managing Director at MAC Aero Interiors. “The production facility in Magnetic MRO Tallinn has been running for several years, and now it's up to the standard to assure readiness to execute production of MAC Aero Interiors product portfolio.”

He continued: "Magnetic MRO Group always looks for valuable strategical decisions to retain customers and assure the quality of service we deliver in the aviation industry. Therefore, we believe that our customers will benefit from the relocated facility of production, due to efficiency (including improved turnaround times and pricing) and remaining with production within the European Union, we shall guarantee continuous supply after Brexit."

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