October 23 2019  |  Cabin Maintenance

Vision Systems presents latest in shading and privacy solutions

By Jane Hobson

Vision Systems' dimmable windows enable passenger to choose the opacity of the window

Vision Systems has revealed a range of Electronically Dimmable Windows (EDWs), a smart partition and a high-end motorized shade that will be on display at the Dubai Airshow from November 17 to 21 at booth 1460.

EDWs enable the passengers to change the opacity of their window from clear to dark or opaque, in order to regulate daylight, glare and heat – or for privacy.

According to a release from the company, “They enhance visual, thermal and acoustic comfort, for a peaceful atmosphere. They offer an elegant design adapted to premium airlines.”

Using serial presence detect (SPD) technology, the Vision Systems’ EDWs provide multiple shading options with an instant response time. They automatically switch to the darkest state when unpowered (a backup system turning them clear is available if need be) keeping the aircraft interior cool on the tarmac and reducing air conditioning consumption. An integrated infrared barrier blocks heat, reducing “99.9%” of harmful UV light (even in clear mode) to protect passengers and prevent interior equipment from fading. The windows are also designed with multiple layers of noise-attenuating films to help keep the cabin quiet.

Vision Systems’ solutions meet the rigorous requirements of the VIP market in terms of customization, fit and finish. The EDWs use thin, lightweight, scratch-resistant composite glass that replaces the dust pane, as light as polycarbonate – but thinner and more resistant – saving interior cabin space. The compact solution has no moving parts which reduces maintenance and downtime.

Among the products to be presented at the show is a multi-zone dimmable aircraft window with an integrated control panel. The digital shade provides opacity control of a chosen zone directly on the window for greater passenger comfort and experience. The sleek design offers a high-end image allowing for brand differentiation.

Vision Systems will also exhibit a privacy solution that dims from transparent to opaque white or dark to control both daylight and privacy. This system automatically turns opaque dark when off to block out heat and to keep the interior out of sight.

Another solution is a "smart partition" that is dimmable and has an information display based on electroluminescent technology. Whether on windows or dividers, this solution can either be set in transparent or dark mode when no information is displayed, or show short travel information. The background opacity can then adjust automatically for perfect contrast and readability.

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