October 16 2019  |  Cabin Maintenance

STS acquires Monarch hangar in Birmingham

By Rick Lundstrom

Two weeks after acquiring Apple Aviation, STS Aviation Group announced it has finalized the purchase of a wide-body aircraft maintenance facility in Birmingham, England.

The facility was formerly operated by Monarch Aircraft Engineering (MAEL) and put up for sale in March of 2019. It features 200,000 square feet of total space – including ramp – with the capacity to service wide-body aircraft. The facility can house two wide-body aircraft or 10 narrow-body aircraft at the same time. The complex is home to several on-site component repair and back shops, vertical lift storage devices, a global reporting room and dozens of laptop mobility hubs.

“The hangar is beautiful, and thanks to the recent acquisition of Apple Aviation, we have the resources and the manpower in place to have the facility up, running and fully operational by January of 2020 subject to the lease being agreed to,” said Mark Smith President of STS Aviation Group.

P.J. Anson, CEO of STS, added: “The wide-body aircraft maintenance facility in Birmingham is a game-changer for our company. This purchase allows us to create a central European hub, one that will stand as a true focal point for multiple STS divisions already operating in the region. As for what comes next for STS Aviation Group, we’ll see. Right now, we’re extremely focused on ramping up operations and getting the Birmingham facility filled with aircraft.”

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