December 17 2018  |  Cabin Maintenance

AIM Altitude delivers dimensional LED-lit logo for Oman Air

By Becky Dumais

The subtly-lit logo created by AIM Altitude is featured on the front row monuments of Oman Air’s new Boeing 787-9

AIM Altitude has produced a unique new feature panel to be showcased in the First Class cabins of Oman Air’s 787-9 aircraft, recently launched on its Muscat to London route. Manufactured in the UK by AIM Altitude’s Cabin Interiors team, the front-textured panel encompasses the airline’s sleek, modern logo and a shaped arch, reminiscent of Oman’s culture and history. The concept design was originated by Teague, in collaboration with the Oman Air Guest Experience and Branding team.

“The feature panel offers a significant enhancement to the atmosphere of the whole cabin. It is a dramatic piece that reflects our Omani architectural heritage through a modern interpretation without taking up valuable space. The lighting techniques mean that it takes on new emphasis at different points in the flight and can transition between calming subtlety and uplifting opulence,” said Xia Cai, Senior Vice President Guest Experience & Branding at Oman Air, in a press release.

The panel includes Aim Altitude-engineered lighting, with LEDs from the pelmet, washing out onto the textured panel. The translucent center logo has colored opaque inserts, with LED lighting that projects through only the main features of the logo. All LED lighting is controlled via a sensor, which the ALD harmonizes with the aircraft cabin lighting. The logo is comprised of painted thermoplastic for the front textured panel and the polyurethane logo was produced from silicon casting.

“The LED lighting is extremely effective, and we are delighted with the extra dimension it brings to the panel,” said Peter Niemeyer, Principle Engineer at AIM Altitude, in the release.

Dominic Norian, Project Manager of AIM Altitude noted that the design is fresh and creative and “provided a challenge to produce the desired lighting effect. The result is an eye-catching yet sophisticated feature panel.”

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